slam and concrete poetry by Scout Quinn

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an in

I don't know you,
I don't want to know you

you don't know me,
you don't want to know me do you?


you only see: an in.

don't you?

I don't even know
how you know who I am.

the only way that you could know
is you've been watching us this whole time.

until you saw: an in.

that's all I am.

there's nothing that you said to me that feels
like it was genuine.

there's nothing that you offered me that feels
like you are doing this because you care because

you don't.

all you know is,
I'm a connection
to someone you want to hurt.
and all I am to you is: an in.

the characterisation was impressive, that much is true,
I might have believed you, if I didn't know what I do.
the way you paint yourself and them and me, it's all very well done,
the way you reached out at the precise moment you thought

might be my worst.

oh you sweet summer child.

I've done that.
I've done that and this is as fleeting as it always is.

I don't need your sympathy.
I don't need your friendship.

you only want to get close to me because you think you can use me,
to hurt someone I care about.

I will never be your in.