slam and concrete poetry by Scout Quinn

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at a loss for meaning

they twitch, she shivers.
they gasp, she wimpers.
they don't know where to start, she doesn't know how to show them.
they're not sure what to make of her, she seems to be quite certain.

they let her know their secrets,
she let them know her fears.

her marks are more distinctive, their scars are more numerous.
her thoughts are more unfocused, their moods are more unstable.

she lets herself be another's, they don't take care of themself.
she doesn't know the words to use, they don't know their own thoughts.

you're really cute, she told them, when they shared each other's skin,
you're amazing, they said to her, when they shared each other's sin.

she made them feel secure enough to leave their world behind,
and walk with all the pandas and remember no one cares.

they'd never known someone so much like them.