slam and concrete poetry by Scout Quinn

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sometimes I worry you’ll be gone

sometimes I worry
I'll come home and you'll be gone
    but not because you left because I've never had that fear
    I worry you'll be gone because

  you we're never here

that I'll come home to what I know is our home and I'll find
that all the while this has been a place that was always only mine

and I won't know and wonder... who bought all our things
and I won't knom and wonder... why I wear my half of our rings

sometimes I worry you'll be gone, and despite what I have known
I'll only be able to wonder if I always lived alone

my home is full of things I don't remember being mine
but they must be,
    this is my home,
         it's only been me here

there's all of these forgotten clothes and isn't something strange
all the clothes that I've forgotten, I keep in their own place

my friends are fairly certain I was always by myself,
why on earth, they ask me, do you remember someone else?

the memories I have of you are certain but they're gone
I don't remember anything 
                          was I alone all along?
    sometimes I worry you'll be gone

and then you always show me

all the ways that I am real