slam and concrete poetry by Scout Quinn

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[message repeats]

swallow your soul
swallowed whole
i am the faceless guise of the urban primitive
there is no one here sorry, not today
not interested sorry, try next door
everyone around here
everyone wants to be
i am the lice under my skin is my bones are hollow
i am the maggots crawling out of paper now out of plastic
there are people and
people and
all their faces are the same
and all we are one and
do not operate
this device is not safe for human consumption
it would be two are sewn together
and only pins holding us before we fall apart
dance fucker dance the penultimate waltz
address not received missing text
you are being followed by
black helicopters and men that have no eyes
this is not a
test specimens
in the ice caps melting
ice age coming
ice age coming
ice age coming
[message repeats]