slam and concrete poetry by Scout Quinn

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#sights fade

there is a disease in my words lights fading batteries dying hair is on fire brain overload too much thought reactor core shutting down not sleeping writing my dreams tearing pictures from the walls forgetting to finish my product of western society no subject no servitude i will be an identity stop turn around go back need to get a personality someone elses clothes are worn i wrote a cancer of the english language making any sense making coffee i consume psychotropics side effects may include a strange sense of being infinite creativity no outlet stuck in the sliplane climbing the overpass the ice caps are melting here comes the flood waters over all the world they came in through the window and stole my dna they took it to a warehouse in the desert under all the ice i am an entity created by a network of connections and electro chemical signals create a consciousness within and without management is selling out the dollars and the cents are organising a revolution