slam and concrete poetry by Scout Quinn

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touch me taste me breathe me

You hold me 
        (touch me taste me breathe me) 
and I saw your eyes smile more than mine ever could, 
    fingers on my lips took my breath away 
    make you gasp touch you above your hips and you squirmed, 

come and dance with me and the world is gone, 

alone with you bodies twist together hold you 
    hold me in your, my, our 

    sleeping softly you are so beautiful tranquil calm tired-happy 

            the world is harsh and bright and hurts my eyes 
                    where the fuck am i 
                    who the fuck am i? 
    I remember your face so vividly, 

            I am vacant smoking a cigarette I've forgotten how to feel 
            how am i supposed to feel i don't know 

it feels strange like every other broken have i forgotten how to feel? 

you drift away from me 

I am trapped in a prison of pills 
I can't get out I can't stay with you and we are fading away...

        I hurt myself...
            I kill my Self...
                i breathe sickly sweet sedation through my body breaking apart 

    lost too much weight
too gaunt 
too pale 

living on the edge 
living on cigarettes 
    and coffee
    and can't keep this up 

    falling apart help me 
    falling down fuck 

drowning in wine and 
choking on pills 

    where are you? 

    I've lost you,

self destruction has a destination...how close am I now?