slam and concrete poetry by Scout Quinn

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where is my mind

thIs is wIErD WeaTHeRR.123894,3847.,,tRAnsaCtion ahs beEEndEClined.k..insuFfICienT cREdiT.3., '':tHe w orlD is grEaTer Than
You Are;;GreAtER thAn yOU reAlISe, tWisT the spAnneR aNd the pLiaRS thaT brOke the pILlsses.,mn 2834m, seNtinelS aRe watCHing
whAt yOu do you reAlisE you poSSeSS the most BEAUTIFUL face*^a tRIlogY in 4 in 4 in 4 in4.,..33,2,,1080&ddt&reDUndanCy
pAYmenTss> orIGiNaL amBEr,m,origiNAL recIPE??..clasS conStrucToR protoCOl 48xMTRP, opEn othER siDE...